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Hairdressing salon

Hairdressing salon

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Beauty lies within… and we know how to make it surface.
At our lobby, you shall find a saloon that´s strongly focused on your well being.
Thus, you can expect a subjective and personal treatment according to both your wishes and needs.

Proffesional attention combined with high class products from the italian brand Selective provide you with the best possible treatment.
Aftercare products can be purchased at our saloon as well.

Aside from hairdressing, we also provide cosmetic treatments and visagist services.
Parking is free of charge for the guests of our Saloon.


Price List:

Price varies in regards to your hair length and thus, applied materials.
Consulting however is free of charge.
We will find the perfect cut, color and aftercare treatments for you.

Hairdressing services for Ladies:                                                                             hair length
                                                                                                     short                     mid                        long
hair wash, drying, styling                                                              400,-                     500,-                     550,-
hair wash, drying, cut, styling                                                       750,-                     750,-                     750,-
hair coloring, cut, drying, styling, treatment                                 1700,-                    1700,-                    1700,-

Hairdressing services for Men:

hair wash, machine cut                                                                  450,-
hair wash, cut, styling                                                                     550,-
Hair coloring, cut, styling, treatment                                               650,-